Get rid of facial hair fast and easily and make your facial skin smooth

Do you want to get rid of facial hairs or you want to exfoliate your face but you don't want to spend a lot of money at beauty clinc?

This dermaplane is perfect for you! It's easy to use, it's small, it doesn't vibrate and has a led light so you can't miss any spot.

It could be used also to trim eyebrows.


Includes 6 replacement heads, blades include a ridged safety guard that helps to protect skin.

This device is designed like the professional-grade devices used by estheticians and board-certified dermatologists.

They do not use vibrating dermaplane devices because they do not yield the same level of precision and control as a static, non-vibrating dermaplaning wand.

package includes

1 x Facial Expoliator
6 x Replacement Heads
1 x Protection Cap
1 x Manual
1 x Box

batteries not included

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