Threading has never been so easier before

This traditional tecnique requires experience in order to be done in the right way and avoid ingrown hair.
It also requires a lot of patience if done manually.

This electric thread epilator solves these issues: you won't need to be an expert of this tecnique, it does the job automatically and you will need only to slide the device over your skin, you will also save a lot of time compared doing the same thing manually.

Through threading it is possible to eliminate unwanted hair without applying waxes or other depilatory products on the skin which can irritate the skin or be difficult to remove; moreover, by not using wax, the skin is not affected by tearing, therefore the threading is not very painful and, after depilation, the skin does not present irritation and redness.

Threading it also prevents ingrown hair and pimples caused from inflammation of the follicles, as well as rupture of the capillaries, quite frequent when waxing is used in delicate areas such as the upper lip or the cheeks.

Compared to tweezers, threading allows to eliminate more hair at a time without breaking them and removing even the shortest and thinnest hair that normally cannot be removed with tweezers. If practiced correctly, threading allows you to remove facial hair in a few minutes and to shape  eyebrows very precisely;

Those who have resorted to this depilatory technique for some time ensure a slowdown in hair growth, which over time becomes thinner and more sparse.

With built-in LED illumination it will be easyer to spot hair.



1)Please install the thread loose in order to ensure the machine has enough space to run.
2)To avoid malfunction, don't get close to hair, eyelashes, metal strings, etc.
3)When plucking there will be a little pain, we have used the latest technology to reduce the pain to the minimum. Please pluck after bath because the pores has been opened and it will be easier for removal and reducing pain.


Material: ABS
Power supply: USB(working properly while charging)
Power: DC5V
Battery capacity: 100mAh
Charging time: 6-8 hours
Autonomy: 40 minutes
Charging indicator: red light
Item size: 19.3x4.7cm

Package Content

(Pack in bubble bag, no box)
1 x hair remover
1 x spool of cotton
1 x USB
1 x users manual

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