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 Heat 2 different wax types at the same time 

Are you worried about not having enought ready to use wax or you have to treat two clients at the same time with different waxes?

The epilWave Double Wax Heater allows you to maintain flexibility even on the most busiest days.

This wax heater has two 11cm pots each, so you won't have to worry about running out of wax.

You can also remove the pot and put directly the wax can inside the wax warmer.

In addition, each pot has independent temperature regulation so you can heat different types of wax at the same time.

This wax heater has automatic temperature control: when the wax reaches the desired temperature, the wax heater will automatically turn off and on again by itself when the temperature has dropped so you don't have to worry about always checking the temperature.

This is a professional product therefore built in such a way that it is extremely durable, can withstand very high temperatures without problems and has an optimal energy consumption.

The white color integrates perfectly with the style of most beauty clinics.

This double wax warmer is covered by a full guarantee against manufacturing defects.

How to use:

1. Put the wax can in the aluminum pot and cover the lid;

2. Plug in the power cord, press the power button to ON, the indicator light will turn on, rotate the knob to the right to 100 Celsius. The heat light will turn on and the machine will start working.

3. When the wax in the pot is completely melted and the power is cut off, it can be used.

4. Clean the skin before depilation, so hairs will adhere better to the wax.

5. Apply the wax evenly to the skin along the growth direction of the hair with a wooden stick;

6. Put the hair removal paper on it and gently tap it so that the hair removal paper will be close to the skin;

7. Quickly tear the hair removal paper in the opposite direction of hair growth;

8. After removing the hair, clean the residual wax with a special cleaning solution.


Voltage: 110V/220 - 250V , 50 - 60Hz

Power: 200W Pot diameter: 12CM

Material: Stainless steel + Aluminum pot

Product Size: 360(L)*180(W)*170(H)mm

Wax types: Beans wax, Hard wax, Paraffin wax

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