With this multifunctional rechargeable tool you will remove blackheads, comedones and gently scrab your skin

Your skin must be kept clean from blackheads and pimples, it also requires some scrubs once or twice a week to remove dead skin.

This multifunctional device will allow you to do all these operations and makes your skin smooth and clean.

Use this facial scrubber exfoliator daily, and within a month you will notice a significant glow and smoothing of your acne and rough skin.

The tone will be brighter and skin firmer, under your eyes will be tighter and less dark.

It deeply remove blackheads, acne, dead skin, grease and makeup dirt. Accelerate metabolism, renew skin cells, soften old keratin and decompose melanine.

Promotes the effective absorption of nutrition, stimulate the production of collagen, whiten and tighten the skin.

This device can be used in three different operation modes: the cleansing mode penetrates to about 3-5mm depth in the skin, effectively cleaning skin pores; the moisturizing mode improves skin absorption capacity, the lifting mode reduces wrinkles.

Safe, durable, portable, rechargeable and convenient.

Important: keep skin wet when cleaning. You can use skincare products when you use this device, such as deep cleansing oil, clean foam, essential oils, creams and so on.

It is highly recommend using this facial skin scrubber after the shower or after steaming your face to open the pores.

Once you are finished using this face cleaner make sure you splash your skin with ice cold water and then use a toner to close your pores. Then use a moisturizer.

Packing list:

1Pcs*blackhead Skin Scrubber
1Pcs*USB charging cable
2Pcs*silicone head cover
1Pcs*English manual

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